Cincinnati Church Seeking Campus and Young Professional Ministers Featured

Monday, 15 January 2018 14:50

The Cincinnati Church of Christ is seeking to hire a full-time Campus Ministry couple and part-time Young Professionals Leaders.

Campus Ministry: A full-time staff couple to begin May 1, 2018.

The Cincinnati Church and Campus Ministry are hosts to the 2018 Nationwide ICMC from July 5-8. After ICMC, Michael and Angela DeAquino, the current Campus Ministry Evangelist and Women's Ministry Leader will be transitioning to a new position with the Denver Church. The new Campus Ministers will begin leading the Cincinnati Campus Ministry on May 1 and assist the DeAquino's with ICMC.

Cincinnati-Church-of-Christ-logo300The Campus Ministry in Cincinnati consists of almost 60 students. Most students are enrolled at the University of Cincinnati, others study at Xavier, Northern Kentucky University, and several smaller colleges. This is a great opportunity to lead a strong and fruitful ministry which has trained and sent out campus leaders to ministry positions in Atlanta, Columbus, Denver, Boston, and many other cities. This full-time couple will be trained by Doug and Jennifer Lambert.

Young Professional Leaders: A part-time position open for immediate hiring.

The Young Professional Ministry in Cincinnati consists of over 40 single and young married disciples in their twenties. It is a dynamic and growing ministry with unlimited potential. We are looking for a couple, or a single man and single woman with a desire for the ministry and flexibility to work in a part-time position with the potential of it becoming a full-time position. Hours and compensation are flexible depending on schedule and availability.

Cincinnati is a beautiful city with a vibrant downtown. There are over 70,000 college students and over 250,000 singles and young marrieds in their twenties in the metropolitan area. The Cincinnati Church is a mature congregation with a diverse membership of 400 disciples. The Cincinnati church works closely with eight other churches in the Ohio Valley (through Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia). We are also part of the larger ACR family of churches. The Cincinnati Church is led by a team of three evangelist and women's ministry leader couples, and two elder couples.

To apply for either of these positions, please send a cover letter and resume to Doug Lambert at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For more information you may call Doug directly at 410-300-0031. Interviews for select candidates will follow after applications are received (see below).

Applications for Part-Time Young Professional position are due by February 1.

Applications for Full-Time Campus Ministry couple are due by March 1.

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