"Hagah": A Hebrew Word with Lifelong Application

Sunday, 25 September 2016 14:50

Hagah eastmanDave Eastman explains the Hebrew word "Hagah" which means to ponder, meditate, contemplate or reflect. This word points to a Christian discipline that will deepen our closeness to God and his will. (Shared from lifechangingworship.com).

Jesus calls us to be contemplatives who take action -- "doers of the word"! If we reflect  on God's word, it will always move us to some sort of action if our hearts are right. 

Using Psalm 1 as a springboard, Dave helps us see what God has in store for us from his perfect word! 

To sing and learn more about Psalm 1, click here.

To study out and contemplate other Hebrew words and worship terms see the links below:

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