Tuesday, 26 June 2012 02:29

Portland Maine Mission Team in Need of a Worship Leader

Calling all disciples! We are in desperate need of a worship leader in Portland, Maine! God has blessed the church as the church was planted in September 2012 with 12 disciples and multiplied our church to 51 disciples in 21 months! This year we have seen 14 baptisms/restorations and God is multiplying the disciples rapidly. And our dream is to get to 80-100 disciples by the end of the year.

Saturday, 09 June 2012 04:31

Songs of the Kingdon - New Songs Volume I

New songs from our brothers and sisters around the world!

-      Available July 5th at the World Discipleship Summit

       Over 75 new songs



Monday, 04 June 2012 01:59

Guidance for Churches to Comply with Copyright Act Requirements

Do churches need to aquire proper licensing before posting lyrics at worship? Or are they exempt under a "religious services exemption" within The Copyright Act?. These questions came up at the 2011 American Leadership Conference in Boston. And a helpful memo has been prepared to assist churches in following through on what the law requires.

The answers to these questions are clear for Church Leaders, Elders and Administrators. And the solutions are neither difficult nor expensive.

Monday, 21 May 2012 02:23

On the Mountain of the Lord - New Song by Brian Craig

Thousands around the world are looking forward to the World Discipleship Summit this summer. The theme is “On the Mountain of the Lord.” This theme is from Genesis 22 where we read the account of Abraham and his only son Isaac. Abraham named the place Yahweh-Yireh (which means “the Lord will provide”). To this day, people still use that name as a proverb: “On the mountain of the Lord it will be provided.” - Genesis 22:14

by Sunday, 11 December 2011 13:16

The Power of Music - Scriptures Reveal Insight

Here is a lesson by Jerry Maday from the 2011 American Leadership Conference: Worship Track. "Understanding the Power of Music"

The Bible shows how Music is an evidence of a loving God and how musicians' hearts can be faked out by the enjoyment of performing. It isn't worship if the heart is prideful. Jerry shows God's call to worship team members to lead the way in knowing and adoring God.

by Sunday, 27 November 2011 18:21

Theme Speech at ALC on Worship

Restoring the Spirit of Biblical Worship as taught by Dave Eastman at the 2011 ALC

by Monday, 21 November 2011 03:13

Bruce Williams and Douglas Arthur Address Worship Leaders

From The 2011 American Leadership Conference in Boston here is a video lesson from Douglas Arthur and Bruce Williams.

"What Every Church Leader Wishes the Worship Team Knew"

by Saturday, 03 September 2011 22:00

Music Video: Seeking God... Teen Camp In Ukraine

Take a look and taste a piece of heaven that we had a privilege to experience in our Teen Camps this Summer in Ukraine. The theme of the Camps was SEEKING GOD. And we were all seeking... After the camp since August 23 - 4 teens got baptized and 1 teen got restored in Kiev Church of Christ! To God be the Glory!
by Thursday, 25 August 2011 05:27

One Woman of Worship

The Battle Hymn of the Republic, Onward Christian Soldiers, His Eye is on the Sparrow and America, The Beautiful. - What do all of these famous hymns have in common? They were all written by women. History is full of women who have given their hearts and talents to God in worship.

by Saturday, 06 August 2011 01:00

Kingdom Kids Grow Up And Rock For God!

We would like to encourage you with more video from Ukrainian Conference of Worship and Media.