"A Light to My Path": New eBook to Help Your Bible Study

Tuesday, 27 September 2016 10:40

A Light to My Path by John SherwoodThe Bible is an amazing work inspired by the creator God, but at times it can be difficult to understand, and even more difficult to know how it applies to our lives. A new eBook by Jon Sherwood titled A Light To My Path - 10 Commandments & 7 Deadly Sins of Bible Study is a great resource for those who want to ignite (or reignite) their personal Bible study.

In this practical eBook you will learn the fundamentals to help you maximize your experience every time you open the Bible! You will also see some of the common pitfalls you face when reading the Bible and how you can avoid them. With lots of practical advice, personal examples and testimonies, this is sure to help you on your journey of mining the depths of God's beautiful Word to his adored creation.  

A Light To My Path can be utilized in your personal quiet times to help you read, understand, and apply God's word more fully and appropriately, and can serve as an incredible discussion book for your small group as well!  This eBook is packed full of useful materials with a lengthy footnote and appendices section for those who want to go even further in their study.

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