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Technology in the Classroom
Vicky Bergem

I am not expert in the field of technology but I am willing to use whatever means I have to help children connect to God. Times are changing – and sometimes that means reading a bible story from an i-Pad app, or simply allowing children to use electronic devices to follow along in the scriptures. No longer do we hear “Turn in your bible to…” often it is “Scroll through your bible to...”

It was only few years ago that people frowned on the minister preaching from a document written on his computer screen. Now it is widely accepted that a computer, i-Pad or smart phone is part of the church service.

How are we staying up with the times in our Children's Ministries? The younger generation is more comfortable with electronic devices than we might be. They are not afraid of pushing the wrong button or accidentally deleting something. While I am still in favor of paper bibles and small group discussions, are we reaching the next generation effectively?

It was great to watch a single brother with his new i-Pad 2 stroll into class and record the four and five year-olds acting out that day’s bible story. The children were eager and excited to watch themselves on a video. They recorded themselves over and over again, the class was fun and they were learning about God. It was awesome to hear the excitement in the children's voices and to see the joy it brought the brother who had not taught in some time.

I like to use my i-Pad in class to share pictures that help bring the bible to life. We also enjoy watching and singing to music videos from groups like the Go Fish Guys. We have even used Facetime to connect with children in other ministries. How fun is that?

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