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Written by  Susan Stroebel -- Los Angeles, CA, USA Tuesday, 10 January 2017 14:40

New Year ResolIt is the New Year….and the “R” word is frequently heard ……One more opportunity to measure my successes and failures….One more opportunity to get overwhelmed and feel more guilt for what I haven’t yet done… my weight, my check book, my parenting….


Let’s take a new spin on resolutions. Here are some suggestions…

  • I will resist the temptation to build my life around a disability
  • I will plan a few hours every week to spend on myself.
  • I will plan a block of time weekly to spend with my significant other.
  • I will look in the mirror and practice saying “I need Help”
  • When I am overwhelmed I will say “I need Help” to whoever is listening!
  • I will write a thank you note to someone who has impacted my life.
  • I will allow myself to have a pity party occasionally, but will invite a friend.
  • I will not feel obligated to spend much time with people who discourage me
  • I will spend time with people who make me laugh.
  • I will spend time with people who admire or appreciate me. 
  • I will spend time with people who share my interests
  • I will spend time with someone I learn from.
  • I will reach out to someone who needs my support.
  • I will do or learn something or practice something creative and nurturing.
  • I will remind myself that a healthier me creates a healthier family.
  • I will laugh more with my family
  • If I think I am too busy to “take time” I will look in the mirror and say “I am worth it and my family needs me to be well”!” and postpone or delete something less important.
  • I will be a kinder person….and will start by being kinder to myself!

Just some suggestions...

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