12 Simple Ways To Appreciate Your Volunteers Featured

Written by  Monday, 27 April 2015 17:12

Thank-you-logo1.   Send a hand-written note.

2.   Have the children write notes or make a “big” thank-you card.

3.   Call or text to say “Thank-you.”

4.   Hold them up as great examples to others.

5.   Acknowledge their birthday.

6.   Make sure you give them any handouts, gifts that are available for those in the church service.

7.   Ask them if there is anything they need for class.

8.   Bake cookies for them.

9.   Take photographs of them with the class and give it to  your volunteers.

10.  Ask your volunteers for input and ideas.

11.  Have a volunteer lunch one day after church.

12.  Give them a gift at the end of their service, movie ticket, gift card or treat.

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