Things to Keep In Mind when Planning Family Devotionals Featured

Written by  Ron & Linda Brumley Friday, 24 June 2016 00:00

family devotionalWhat we would like to accomplish in the months to come is to keep before our parents the value and fun of having regular family nights. We will publish here a new idea each month. We hope that these devotional ideas will prompt each family to begin or continue or enrich the discussions going on between parents and kids.

We strongly encourage that every family in the church have at least one night each week devoted to building strong bonds, faith in God, and treasured memories that will affect not only your children but generations to come.

10 things to keep in mind when planning family devotionals:

  1. Be regular, weekly, scheduled (i.e., 7-8 pm, everyone knows what to expect). Not too long...20/30 minutes, plus game time.

  2. Have lots of fun; laugh; be happy.

  3. Involve everyone, youngest to oldest.

  4. Plan ahead. Both mom and dad and kids give input.

  5. Vary each week. No ruts!

  6. Ask open-ended questions (“What do you think?” “How do you feel about that?” Why do you feel that’s important?” “What else?” “What’s your opinion on that?” “Why do you feel that way?”, etc.).

  7. Sing, pray, share “good news”, play games, cards, discussions on various topics, etc.

  8. Use the Bible each devo. Everyone, even youngest, should have their own Bible (my prejudice is that they each have a hard copy, old fashioned type Bible...not just an electronic form).

  9. Include other families in your family devos.

  10. Turn off the TV, phone, computer and all electronic games and “gadgets.” It’s time to focus on the family.

Topic: Love God

  1. Song: Let the kids choose the songs they like to sing

  2. Prayer: Have a sentence prayer, each thanking God for something He’s done for you.

  3. Question: “What do you think God would say is the most important thing He wants us to do?” (praise each child’s response). “Let’s see what the Bible says is the most important.”

  4. Scripture: Mark 12:28-30, “Jesus said loving God is the most important thing we can do.” “What are some of the reasons you love God?” (have a large felt pen and poster board or butcher paper to record all the answers....or, give red construction paper hearts to write out the reasons you each love God and then display).

  5. Close: Close with a family prayer, expressing to God: “We love you because...”

  6. Always enjoy refreshments at the end....with a family game, help with homework, etc.

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