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Family Devotional Videos

Family devotionals can become a very important part of building faith in our family. They help parents and children alike! 

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Things to Keep In Mind when Planning Family Devotionals

What we would like to accomplish in the months to come is to keep before our parents the value and fun of having regular family nights. We will publish here a new idea each month. We hope that these devotional ideas will prompt each family to begin or continue or enrich the discussions going on between parents and kids.

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Connecting the Continents

The Boston Church of Christ has some great Family Devotionals, check them out at

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Better Than TV... FAMILY DEVO'S

Better Than TV... Family Devo's
from the Fox Valley Church of Christ, Wisconsin

Week 3

The Throne or The Towel
Plan a time for your family to engage in a service activity. Make sure you choose something that everyone can do together and everyone can have a part in (even two or three year-olds can help with activities – even just a little bit.) You might serve a meal at a soup kitchen, make and deliver a meal to another family, go to someone’s house and wash all of their windows…get creative!
Encourage everyone to have fun while you are serving – and if anyone has a bad attitude, encourage them not to bring the mood down. This is a great opportunity to talk about serving with a happy heart.
If possible, have a short devotional right after your service activity. If you need to do it at another time, then remind everyone about the service you did as a family before you being your devotional time.

Singing and Bible Reading
Sing a few songs together and then have one child read Mark 10:35-45. Have another child read John 13:1-17.

Questions and Discussion
- What were John and James arguing about in Mark 10?
- Why do you think they were arguing about sitting on thrones next to Jesus?
- What does Jesus tell them that he wants from his people?
- Explain that in Jesus’ time (during John 13), a servant was expected to wash the dust off the feet of a guest. But if there wasn’t a servant available, someone else should have done the job and served the other guests.
- Ask your kids why they think there were no disciples fighting to pick up the servant’s towel and wash the feet of the others.
- Why does Jesus want his disciples to serve others?
- What are ways in our life that we try to choose the way of the throne rather than the way of the towel? You may need to explain this concept in a different way to younger children.

TEA Time (Taking Energetic Action)
Brainstorm as a family and choose another activity you can do together to serve someone else.
Discuss why you chose your first service activity and why you will be doing another one (and hopefully continuing to serve as a family regularly.)
Memorize Mark 10:45 as a family. Write out the verse on a large sheet of paper or placard of some type and put it somewhere visible to all family members. Quiz each other each day this week and make sure that everyone has it memorized.

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Better Than TV... FAMILY DEVO'S

Better Than TV...  Family Devo's
from the Fox Valley Church of Christ, Wisconsin

Week 2

The Owner

Take an adventure walk together as a family. Try to find a place where you will see as many different types of birds, animals, trees and plants as possible. Ideally, try to find somewhere you are allowed to collect nature samples.

Try splitting into groups and go on a nature treasure hunt. Each team should collect as many different types of items as they can – acorns, feathers, leaves, rocks – but only one of each type. Also record each animal you see (you could keep a list, take a pictures or speak into a recorder). Make sure you go over with your kids what items are NOT wise to pick up.

Once you have completed your walk, go home and create a display of the various interesting items you collected on your walk(s). You can use a tri-fold report board and glue the items to the board for display, or you could set them out on a table, or put them in a special box. You may want to use Psalm 50:9-12 as a title for your board or box.

Singing and Bible Reading
Sing a few songs together and then have one child read Psalm 50:9-12.

Questions and Discussion
- Look at each item written down and collected and ask your kids which items belong to God and which ones don’t. For younger children, ask about each item to really drive the point home. Just ask the question one or two times for older children.
- Ask why is it important to understand that everything belongs to God.
- Ask why we pray and give thanks before we eat (if you do that regularly). It’s a recognition that all things belong to God and we are thankful that he has provided food for us.
- Ask your kids if they think that all money and possessions belong to God.
- Help them to see that everything belongs to God and this includes the money he provides.
- Explain how your family recognizes God’s ownership of your money and possessions and why that is so important. It is important that kids understand why we give tithes and offerings and how that demonstrates what we    believe about God.
- Ask how they can recognize God’s ownership of everything in their own lives

TEA Time (Taking Energetic Action)
Brainstorm as a family and choose one activity you can do together to appreciate and recognize God’s provision. It might be taking a camping trip together and expanding the nature walk activity that you did. Or perhaps you could hold a family fundraiser for special missions contribution.

Memorize Psalm 50:11-12 as a family. Write out the verse on a large sheet of paper or placard and put it somewhere visible to all family members. Quiz each other daily this week and make sure that everyone memorizes

Next Week Devo #3
The Throne or The Towel

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Best Gift Ever!

Best Gift Ever!
A Sneak Peak from Lois Schmits
"Deck of Devo's"
Published By DPI

God is a giver and his gifts are
perfect. The more we are givers, the more we
are like him.

Share about a gift: What is the best gift
you ever received – one that seemed just
perfect? Have you ever given someone a gift
like that?

Reading and Discussion
Read James 1:17: The Bible says good gifts
are from God in heaven. Are gifts always
“things”? What gifts have you received from
God? Think about a gift you received even

Gifts From Above A-Z : Take turns naming
good gifts from God, starting with the letter
“A” and finishing with “Z.” (For example:
the first player might say “Apples are gifts
from God because they taste good,” and
the second might say, “The Bible is a gift
from God, because it shows us how to live,”
until you get to “Z.”) End with a prayer of

A Complete set of 63 of our North River devotionals in the "Deck of Devos"
are offered through DPI

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Better Than TV... FAMILY DEVO'S

Better Than TV...  Family Devo's
from the Fox Valley Church of Christ, Wisconsin

ek 1
Our Treasure
Set up a bucket on one end of the room that you will be in for devotional. Either share one small ball that will easily go into the bucket or get a separate ball for each person (if you don’t have a ball improvise with a rolled up sock or something else that will function like a ball).

Tell everyone once, at the beg
inning of the activity, that they will want to save their treats or prizes for a bigger prize at the end of the game. Do not say it again and do not do anything if the kids begin eating their treats. If they ask if they can eat it, say, “It’s up to you.”

Have each person stand near the bucket and take a turn throwing the ball into the bucket. If they make it in, they win a small treat. After each person has had a turn, move back one large step and let everyone take another turn throwing the ball in the bucket and earning treats. Do this about five times. Once you have completed five rounds, tell everyone that you have another prize for them but they must give up all the treats they won during the game.

Don’t try to convince anyone. Just say it once and have them make a choice immediately. If they give up their treats, accept them but don’t give them the big treat until after the devotional. Have the big prize be a favorite treat or a large sized candy – or anything else that more than makes up for giving up their smaller prizes.

Singing and Bible Reading
Sing a few songs together and then have one child read Matthew 13:44 and another child (if you have more than two children participating) read Matthew 13:45-46. If your children are not old enough to read the passages easily then have them read a verse or two and then you or your spouse read the rest, or you can read the entire passage.

Questions and Discussion
- Have you ever found something really cool that you weren’t looking for?
- Have you ever lost something really important but then found it again? What did it feel like when you actually found it?
- Discuss with your kids at a level that they can understand that the Kingdom of God/Heaven is the rule and reign of God in every area of our lives.
- Why would the people in these parables sell everything they had for the treasure they found?
- What point is Jesus trying to make about what we have to do to be in his Kingdom?
- What does it mean to give up everything to possess the Kingdom?

TEA Time (Taking Energetic Action)
Have each family member determine one area of their life they want to improve in obeying God’s word and bringing the Kingdom into their life.

Memorize Matthew 13:44 as a family. Write the verse out on a large sheet of paper or placard of some type and put it somewhere visible to all family members. Quiz each other each day this week and make sure that everyone has it memorized.

Next Week Devo #2

The Owner
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Family Night Guide Lines and Helpful Tips

                                                                             Written By Brian Robbins  
     Help your family build stronger and closer relationships with each other… AND WITH GOD!!!   Are you looking for creative and fun ways to build a strong presence of godliness in your family nights each week? See faith grow in your family as you connect to God through devotions that deal with real issues of faith and love and how to deal with temptations and challenges when they arise. The power of family nights can creat lasting impressions for our next generation as we, parents and guardians, take the opportunity to instill godly beliefs and values to combat against negative and worldly influences arising from the media and schools negative peer pressiure, and temptations of the heart.  Family nights that are twenty to sixty minutes of fun and instruction can help family develop special and unique memories that may last a life time. It isn't necessary to always make positive and lasting impressions upon our children from a formally organized time during a creative lesson or a specific location; these times may also arise spontaneously while we are simply carrying our family tasks together with our children; these special times may occur while you're driving, eating a meal, walking playing a game or spending time together as a family.  It is important though to set up an established  formal time for regular weekly family nights so that all the family members may refer back to these special times during their weekly routines.  

There are several keys which should be incorporated into having effective F-A-M-I-L-Y Nights:
Get out of yourself and be focused to give at the end of the day. Your family might not remember everything in the lesson, but they will cherish the times of laughter and when you give 100% of yourself to them. 
* A
You want your family to open up and actively participate in each family night.  If you do all the talking, you’ve missed the point in having a family night. Try giving assignments, asking questions and being creative in every opportunity when possible. Your family will learn more and open up more when you involve their emotions and personal feelings during these times.
* M
Find ways to make each family night memorable. It is important that you go back to a lesson learned or an event that took place during a family night that can be applied during a challenge or testing time you or your family might be going through so that biblical principles can be seen and applied by your family in a practical way and not just discussed as theories. 
Don’t get in a routine unless a certain activity becomes a fun family tradition that everyone enjoys. Keep the sense of excitement and unpredictability through variety. Experiment and discover new things by using props, books, music, puppets, games, videos or outdoor activities.

When you become too complicated or sophisticated, you’ve missed the whole point. Don’t try to create deeply profound lessons. Just try to reinforce biblical values and beliefs in a simple, easy to understand way. Read short passages, not long, drawn out chapters. Your goal is to keep it simple.

If the lesson you use begins to go in another direction due to an accident or an off question, go with it sometimes. Some of the best teaching opportunities can come from unplanned and unexpected issues.

Brain Robbins

Click on the link below for some great family devos from the Fiji Church. -