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What Curriculum are you using to teach the preteens?
(5th & 6th Grade Class)

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I have been developing my preteen lessons from questions they have about God, the Bible, life, the church, the universe and everythimg. I guess we are really dealing with the overall question of "who is God?" Whilst preparing to go into the teen ministry which much more deals with their heart response to God. It's difficult to put into a curriculum as it's more a way of working and is relationally led in that it depends on where the group are at and the connection I or the other leaders have with the group as to how safe they feel and the depth of the discussion. We do occasionally lean on resources from Douglas Jacoby's website for some of the more thorny topics. Hope this is helpful.

Barry Lamb, London

The NYCCOC regions vary in Preteen Curriculum/Practices, depending on what works best for each region.  Some are piloting a curriculum that all of our Children's Ministries are currently using/piloting as well.  The others are developing their own lessons.  We are still in the process, so I cannot provide comprehensive feedback just yet.  

The information of the pilot is below:

The HeartShaper Curriculum (from New Life Through His Word, sold by 21st Century Christian)

Depending on the region, it's been piloted for a few months, give or take.

In Him,
Yahaira Loperena, NY

Visit site I based many of my lessons and camps on Danna Gresh's secret keeper girl kit. It is really cool and resourceful.

But I sometimes just study a book. Jonah is a good one. You take a chapter a day and may even give it to kids favorite teachers to teach. And have a lesson and then go to aquarium or museum where they can see a sea life.

You can call the lessons 1) Running from God, 2) Running to God,  3) Running with God and 4) Running ahead of God.

Elena Wooton, Kiev

n our 5th Grade class we use the Hand On Bible Curriculum by Group, it is layed out very well, is easy to prepare and does a good job teaching the scriptures. We do add to it since it is written for any church to use. We also have a fifth grade club that meets once a month to strenghen relationships and study the scriptures together. (our sixth graders are in the middle school ministry).
Vicky Bergem, Poway, San Diego
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