HOPEww Responds to South Carolina Flood

Wednesday, 07 October 2015 09:01

scflood4An intense and historic flood disaster, unrelated to Hurricane Joaquin, but influenced by it, continues to unfold with South Carolina taking the brunt of the tropical deluge. Some communities near Charleston have recorded more than two feet of rain in three days.

The result of this onslaught of water is some of the worst flooding residents have ever seen. Widespread evacuations and water rescues are underway in neighborhoods near bodies of water that are overflowing their banks. Local officials report that the city of Georgetown, South Carolina, was under four feet of water.

The HOPE worldwide U.S. Disaster Services Team is working closely with local Chapter volunteers in South Carolina. They will be attempting to mobilize resources and volunteers to help and support our families affected by this storm. Click here to support flood victims >

HOPE worldwide Vice President of the Community Services Division, Antonio Boyd, who lives in Columbia, South Carolina, is coordinating with our national partners and local authorities in Columbia and Charleston.

Many roads and bridges are being washed away by the torrents of water as rivers and streams soar well above their normal height. The situation is so bad that the South Carolina Department of Public Safety reports that the entire 74-mile stretch of Interstate 95 between I-20 and I-26 is closed due to flooding.

Fifteen people are now reported dead in weather-related incidents in South Carolina. At least 600 National Guardsmen, 11 aircraft and eight swift water rescue teams worked to rescue people from turbulent floodwaters over the weekend. They performed more than 200 water rescues between Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, the state Emergency Management Division said.

State officials described it as a 1,000-year storm – referring to weather terminology describing a storm with a 1-in-1,000 chance of happening in any given year.
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