Why I Love My Dad: Thankful for the Past and Present Featured

Written by  Kimberlee Dobrowski -- Los Angeles, CA Friday, 13 June 2014 14:54
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I was searching for a different photo, but I am so grateful I found this one. This is how I longed to remember you and me. I remember you being as handsome as Tom Cruise, smiling and strong. You were my hero who had me on top of the world, safe, and on a great adventure.

At times throughout my life, it has been easier for me to remember what I was not thankful for. Sometimes, I felt you did not see me. I felt that I wasn’t safe. I felt I was not worth fighting for.

youngkim dadBut this picture reminds my heart of the truth. This picture was taken just after the time that you came home one day (after working all day and going to law school all night for months) and I cried, because I didn’t recognize you.

Your actions were more powerful than all the words I wish you had said throughout my life; you left law school. You stopped pursuing your dream. You came home to be close to me.

I’m so thankful also for the other photo I was looking for, which was a photo of me as infant me with your giant headphones on listening to your beautiful classical music. My head was resting on your heart.

I’m so thankful for those times.

And I am so thankful for these times.

Now, I have come home to be with you. How amazing is God that He has allowed me to feel close to you then, at the beginning of my life, and now, as you approach the end of your life. I am so grateful that I get to give you a kiss at least once a day – and the kind of hug that allows me again to put my head on your heart.

Your heart may be physically weaker now, but I still see it; your humor and the strength that remains. I am so grateful I can truly see you.

I see your pain and fear underneath; I see the chains that have had you trapped, and I understand there was a lot you could not offer.

kim dad currentBut, even now as you struggle for your breath, I believe that God still has you here for a reason. I believe the impossible - that before you die that God will make you fully alive. I believe that the ultimate Hero will lift you up, on top of the world, safe and take you on a great adventure. And finally, you will be free.

Some things you didn’t have the chance to teach me. But thank you, Daddy, for what you did. You taught me that beautiful music can touch our souls. Now, I connect deeply with God through worship music. That self-sacrifice is worth it for what’s most important. Now, I have found my gifts. I know that there is quiet beauty on long country drives.  Now my deep love for nature is awakened and I feel closest to God there.

What you did teach me, and what you could offer, truly shaped my heart for God.

Thank you, Daddy.

I love you.

Kimberlee is a member of the Turning Point LA Church and currently is spending time with the Indianapolis Church of Christ while living with her Dad.
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