Elders Service Team Report November 2017

Wednesday, 29 November 2017 15:00

The Elders Service Team organized itself into subcommittees (see list below) at the beginning of 2017 to provide clearer focus on its work. Since then various committee members have:

  • Provided leadership at the All Generations North American Family Conference in Denver;
  • Participated in the work of the US ICOC Diversity Team
  • Given updates on disasters and situations requiring prayer
  • Been involved in and communicated on various conflict resolution issues
  • Helped guide the pace of the ongoing discussions for ICOC 3.0 as everyone continues to provide input into this important process
  • Encouraged and provided guidance for elder training around the world
  • Participated in two meetings of over 100 each held in the western and northeastern US for elders and their wives

2017 elders service teamIn addition, though he has been limited regarding travel, Wyndham Shaw has participated and been instrumental in our monthly conference calls.

On the personal side of things, a recent tally shows that thirteen couples on the service team together have forty-five children and seventy-eight grandchildren, with twenty-two of this third generation having been baptized so far. We praise God for his continued blessings!

Finally, during the last quarter of this year the Elders Service Team is now beginning work on drafting a book on elders and the eldership in the hope that this can be a resource for churches in the future. The service team continues to strive to help establish elderships around the world.

Elders Service Team

Chairman: Walter Evans (Philadelphia)
Eldership Development: Al Baird (Phoenix), Wyndham Shaw (Boston)
Marriage and Family: Frank Kim (Denver), Sam Laing (Myrtle Beach, SC)
Conflict Resolution: Larry Craig (New York), Walter Evans (Philadelphia)
Unity: Darren Gauthier (Chicago), Jerry Sugarman (Los Angeles)
Prayer and Comfort: Ron Brumley*, Israel Ereola (Lagos), Bill Hooper (Dallas)
Minutes and Communication: John Brush (Miami), Dan Liu (Hong Kong)

*Became an emeritus member of the service team mid-year

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