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A Spiritual Look at Student Debt and Giving

"Let me start off by saying that I've gotten incredibly lucky and have no student debt at all." - Said No One Ever

Just kidding. Many have been blessed tremendously to have graduated with some form of diploma or certificate without having any student debt to payback. However, that is not my situation. I have well over $100,000 of student debt. Luckily I have a steady job and have created an intentional plan to get out of debt quickly and completely; however, for many, this is not the case. And for me, this was not always the case.

McGuirks to Begin New Mission in Europe in May

Editor's note: The following is shared from the North River Church of Christ newsletter.

For the past four years, the North River Church of Christ has sent the McGuirks, along with almost 20 campus ministry students, to Paris for a month-long summer internship. The group shares their faith on college campuses in Paris for the duration of their stay, which has led to God performing miracles and transforming lives.

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ICMC 2018: Break Every Chain

"He brought them out of darkness, the utter darkness, and broke away their chains. Let them give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for mankind." --Psalm 107:14-15

Johannesburg Church Invites Students to 2018 Encounter Program

The Johannesburg Church of Christ is excited to announce the 2018 Encounter Program. We are inviting college students from our worldwide fellowship to come to Johannesburg from July 9 -  August 6, 2018 to encounter our beautiful culture, people, South African wildlife, and more importantly, to be equipped and empowered to help the tens of thousands of university students throughout South Africa to encounter the true Jesus Christ. 

HYC La Paz 2017 Report

In July, the La Paz Church had the incredible opportunity to receive more than 50 volunteers who came to serve for 10 days as part of HOPE Youth Corps 2017 "Go and Do Likewise!" 

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ICMC East 2017 Audio Lessons Now Available

Ministers from all over the East Coast set out to teach, train and inspire over 1400 students at the ICMC East Conference in Asheville, North Carolina last month. The theme was "Alpha/Omega" and the focus was on how great our God is. The main sessions and breakout sessions combined moving worship with powerful, God-centered sermons. The audio from these lessons is now available here through SoundCloud.

ICMC East Report 2017

“It’s a change. It’s different.” These were the words of the hilarious Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercial parody that advertised the long-awaited ICMC East 2017. And like the words above, the conference was definitely a departure from years before. It was not held on July 4th weekend. It was not the usual Thursday through Sunday schedule. It was not even held in a renowned, bustling city. It was different indeed and many are saying that it was one of the best ICMCs ever.

The Lord Provides: Genesis 22:8

The call was not a familiar number, so the call was not answered...but the Lord provided and they left a message!  Kweneshia Price, director of the Aspiring Eagles Academy at North Carolina Central University, had a simple request, "Can we bring a bus load of incoming freshmen and advisers to worship with the Triangle Church of Christ?" Yes, the Lord provides!

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ICMC West Hotel Rates Expire May 29

The ICMC West is steadily approaching so register now! Conference hotel rates expire on Monday, May 29th!

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