Bible Talk Series: "Friends" Part IV - Paul & Philemon

Saturday, 01 October 2016 10:06

This is part four of a five-week this series. See Part 1Part 2 and Part 3.

Paul & Philemon: A Friend asks for a Favor

Friends in ChristIntroduction:

  • Q: What was the craziest favor that a friend ever asked you to do for them? Or the most outrageous favor that you ever asked a friend to do? Did you/they do it? Why or why not?
  • Read text: Philemon (entire chapter)
  • Introduce all the characters


  • v. 4-7 Paul says nice things about Philemon, building rapport
  • Q: What kind of man do you think he was? Q: If you were Philemon through this point in the letter (v. 7), how would you feel so far?
  • Q: What was Paul appealing to Philemon to do? Why was this important to Paul?
  • Q: What does Paul display in handling the situation? respect, courtesy, thoughtfulness?


  • Q: How would you characterize the tone of this letter between friends?
  • Q: What was needed for all sides to be resolved about the situation? What then could have stood in the way as an obstacle to a good resolution?
  • Q: If you were Philemon, given the whole situation, how would you have felt/responded?


  • Q: What does this situation teach you about friendship?
  • Q: How can you apply that in your own friendships?
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